MGT 330 - Ch. 1 - The Exceptional Manager(3) PPT

Personality skill at organizing achievement motivated

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Unformatted text preview: ommitment Tolerance for ambiguity Flexibility Internal locus of control The Entrepreneurial Opportunity The Technological discoveries Demographic changes Lifestyle and taste changes Economic dislocation Calamities Government initiatives and rule changes Franchises Utilizing the Internet Utilizing Transaction fee model Advertising model Intermediary model Affiliate model Subscription model Common Entrepreneurial Mistake Common Lack of experience Undercapitalization Poor cash management Lack of strategic management Weak marketing efforts Poor location Lack of inventory control Inability to make the entrepreneurial transition How to Avoid the Pitfalls How Know your business in depth Prepare a business plan Manage financial resources Understand financial statements Learn to manage people effectively Set your business apart from the competition Resources Used by Managers Resources Human Financial Physical Informational Types of Managerial Roles Types Interpersonal Figurehead role Leadership role Liaison role Informational Monitor Disseminator Spokesperson Types of Managerial Roles Types Decisional Entrepreneurial Disturbance handler role Resource allocation role The negotiator role Principle Skills of a Manager Principle Technical skills Human skills Conceptual skills Diagnostic skills Political skills Time management skills Managerial Competencies Managerial Communication competency Informal Formal Negotiation Planning competency Information Information gathering, analysis,...
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