AP Gov General Assembly Assignment

AP Gov General Assembly Assignment

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Unformatted text preview: cal eligibility for motor vehicle, civil penalty. assisting needy families under the People can not have alcohol even if they Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. are a passenger in a car upon a highway. If this law is violated the violater will have to pay $25 How many delegates and senators are there in the state legislature? 100 delegates and 40 senators 5. What is the party breakdown in the senate? House of Delegates? 4. In the senate its 20 D and 20 R. In the house its 67 R and 31 D. 6. Who is in charge of the VA House of Delegates? ­ Name, title, party? Who is the Minority Leader of the House of delegates? Name, title, party? 7. Who runs the state senate? Name, title, party? Minority Leader and Party Bill Bolling runs the state senate and his title is lieutenant governor Republican. Minority Leader. Dick Saslaw, D...
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