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Unformatted text preview: 2007 to 2008 the government lost 292 billion dollars Use the pie chart above or A Citizen’s Guide to the Federal Budget. ­ What is the highest category of federal government spending? Social Security, Unemployment and Labore ­ What is the second highest category of federal government spending? Medicare and Health­ Approximately much of the budget goes toward interest on the debt? No because it’s 7% According to A Citizen’s Guide to the Federal Budget. how much did the federal government spend in each of the following categories for the most recent available budget year? Discretionary Spending Department of Defense 20.3 % _____ Any other department 23.5 %______________ Mandatory Spending Social Security 18.2% ______ Interest on Debt 6.6% _____ What does the graph above tell you about the problems with social security funding? This graph above shows the earlier decades of social security and forecast the further. The problem is shown that the ratio of the people receiving social security and the workers are becoming smaller. People are living longer and receiving social security benefits more while the amount of workers are staying the same. At this decline ra...
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