AP Gov Federal Budget Webquest

AP Gov Federal Budget Webquest

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Unformatted text preview: points in a day as a result of nervous inverstors pulling money out of economy b/c debt cris. 3) What are three things that will happen in Jan 2013 if nothing helps to solve the "fiscal cliff?" recession will happen. If nothing happens to solve the fiscal cliff recession will happen. deficit reductions, and tax increases across 4) What are three impacts of the fiscal cliff on our economy?t rates The fiscal cliff affects taxes of individuals which in turn affects the economy . IT will raise unemplyment rates as well as well as undermine consumer 5) Read additional information about the fiscal cliff here. 6) What does the public think about Democrats & Republicans approach to the fiscal cliff? Find out here. DEmocrats more willing to negotiate and actually to solve the issue Define Each of the following Key Terms Chapter 18 You may find these on­line, from me, or in your textbook Chapter “Economic Policy”. budget­is a financial plan and a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending. debt ­The total...
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