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Unformatted text preview: ng category through which governments can spend through an appropriations bill Budget Committees­ Deals with matters related to the federal budget Congressional Budget Office (CBO)An agency of Congress that analyzes presidential budget recommendations and estimates the cost of proposed legislation. Office of Management and Budget Director (OMB)­ Presidential staff agency that serves as a clearinghouse for budgetary requests and management improvements for government agencies : responsible for the oversight and administration of specific functions Council of Economic Advisors­A three member council that analyzes and interprets economic developments and advises the President of the United States on national budget Secretary of Treasury­is the head of the United States Department of the Treasury,, which is concerned with financial and monetary matters impoundment­An action taken by the president in which he or she proposes not to spend all or part of a sum of money appropriated by Congress Budget Impoundment Control Act­The Act sets the procedures by which Congress annually adopts a budget resolution and a concurrent resolution setting forth fiscal policy that is not signed by the President Gramm­Rudmann­ law automatic spending cuts to take effect if the president and Congress failed to reach established targets sequestration­ during the fis...
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