102-10syllabus-spring08 - ENGLISH 102-10 Spring Quarter...

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ENGLISH 102-10 Spring Quarter 2008 GTM 217 MWF 12:30 p.m.-1:45 p.m. Instructor: Jennifer Moore Office Hours: Office: GTM 228 MWF: 9-11 a.m. Phone: 257-3678 TR 11:50 a.m.-1:50 p.m. E-mail: jmoore@latech.edu Course Description: English 102 is the second of the freshman composition courses. You will study literary terms, concepts, and diverse theoretical approaches that will help you when we read and analyze major genres of literature such as fiction, drama, and poetry. While this course is not a literature course, it continues to develop the basic skills of writing and critical thinking that were taught in English 101. Students will also learn about the research process and will write essays and a research paper that is based on their research and that adheres to the MLA guidelines. If this class is too challenging or you do not receive the grade you desire on your first paper, the Writing Center in Wyly Tower is available for all students who desire extra help with their essays. Objectives: By the end of this class, you should be familiar with literary terms/concepts/theoretical approaches, comprehend/analyze a literary text, evaluate/communicate in-class discussion and in your writing the effectiveness of various arguments, research a literary topic and synthesize your information into a coherent form, write a sustained argument on a literary topic, and understand/apply proper MLA documentation format using primary and secondary sources. Required Textbooks and Materials: The required textbook for this class is The Bedford Introduction to Literature from which reading assignments will come from. The Freshman Composition Course Packet is also required. It will provide you with departmental grading guidelines, student essay samples, MLA documentation information and other information you might find useful. There is also a copy of the plagiarism statement in the packet. You must read it carefully, sign it, and turn it in to me during the first week of the quarter. I WILL NOT grade your papers until you have given me this signed statement. All work will be returned so you can view your graded work and learn from any mistakes; however, after viewing your work, it must be returned back to me. I will keep all student work on file in my office. The University requires that I keep it on file when this class ends. You will need a folder with pockets to hold your journal entries and so forth. Also, you will need some type of electronic device for storing your work (disk, memory stick) as you may be required to turn it in with your essays. Plagiarism: Upon entering this class, you are asked to carefully read and sign a plagiarism statement indicating that the writing in this class will be your writing and not the writing of another source. This statement is located in the Freshman Course Packet. The University has also established an Honor Code, and it is a prerequisite to your registration. I support this Code and expect you to adhere to it. Any student suspected of plagiarism will receive a ZERO and will FAIL the class! Furthermore, the University
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102-10syllabus-spring08 - ENGLISH 102-10 Spring Quarter...

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