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Unformatted text preview: 15-1CHAPTER 15SHORT-TERM PLANNING DECISIONSThe questions in this chapter are divided into three sections: Testing YourKnowledge, Applying Your Knowledge, and Making Evaluations. The Testing YourKnowledge questions are straightforward and are designed to help studentsassess their basic knowledge of a particular topic. The Applying YourKnowledge questions ask students to use their basic knowledge to solve aparticular problem. The Making Evaluations questions are more complex and askstudents to integrate their knowledge of a particular topic or topics to makedecisions. We have included the “Content Analysis” below to help instructorsdecide which Applying Your Knowledge questions to assign. It brieflysummarizes the content of each question. We did not provide a contentanalysis for the Making Evaluations questions because of their lack ofuniformity, and because of the multiple topics included in them.uniformity, and because of the multiple topics included in them....
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