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Unformatted text preview: in air at altitudes over (12,500). If lungs are damaged that can also be another problem, so Smokers Beware! Hypoxia continued… Hypoxia continued… Hypemic Hypoxia: caused by the reduction of the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood; the oxygen is available there is not enough good blood to carry the oxygen. (Carbon Monoxide may cause this) Stagnant Hypoxia: caused by reduced cardiac output Histotoxic Hypoxia: occurs when all systems are working but the cells can’t "take" the oxygen from the blood, Alcohol would be cause this. Hypoxia continued… Hypoxia continued… 4 Stages of Hypoxia: Indifferent, Compensatory, Disturbance, Critical Indifferent: 0­10,000ft ­ Beginning Compensatory: 10,000­15,000ft ­ Denial Disturbance: 15,000­25,000ft – Obvious Symptoms Critical: 25,000+ ­ Loss of Consciousness Weather Weather Thunderstorms and other convective weather In­Flight Icing: when icing occurs during a flight at certain altitudes. Solutions: Anti­icing before the flight hits the icing area, Deicing, Prop Anti­Icers, and Wing Deicer and Anti­ icing systems. Clear­Air Turbulence: not only dangerous, but it also has a major impact on the efficiency of flight operations. Weather...
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