X1 costs rs3 per kg and x2 rs8perkgnomorethan80kgofx1

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Unformatted text preview: redients x1 and x2 daily. x1 costs Rs.3 per kg. and x2 Rs.8 per kg. No more than 80 kg. of x1 can be used and at least 60 kg. of x2 must be used. Formulate a mathematical model to the problem. Solution: Solution: Minimize Z = 3x1 + 8x2 Subject to x1 + x2 >= 200 x1 <= 80 x2 >= 60 X1 >= 0 , x2 >= 0 Graphical Solution Graphical Solution Formulate the problem Convert all inequalities to equations Plot the graph of all inequalities Find out the feasilble region Find out the corner points Substitute the objective function Arrive at the solution Problem: Problem: Maximize Z = 60x1+50x2 subject to 4x1+10x2 <= 100 2x1+1x2 <= 22 3x1+3x2 <= 39 x1,x2 >= 0 Solution :...
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