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Unformatted text preview: 16-2Number Content16-26 Job Order Cost Sheet. Complete a partially-completed job order costsheet which has beginning costs carried over from previous month.Compute amount transferred to Goods-in-Process. Compute balance inFactory Overhead account and discuss whether overapplied orunderapplied. Prepare income statement.16-27 Equivalent Units. Compute the number of equivalent units forconversion costs for each of five scenarios.16-28 Equivalent Units. Referring to 16-27, compute the number ofequivalent units for each direct materials costs for each of fivescenarios.16-29 Process Costing. Prepare a process cost sheet assigning totaldirect materials and conversion costs to completed and unfinishedproducts. Then record the balance of the Goods-In-Process Inventoryand transfer the cost of completed products to the Finished GoodsInventory....
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