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More commonly one deals with systems where vt or pt

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Unformatted text preview: isordered and so you increase the entropy. You can reduce the entropy of the desk, of course. Yet whenever this happens entropy increases even more somewhere else! 2. A living organism is a state of matter that has a very low entropy (it is well organized). If we isolate it from the environment thermodynamics is telling us it’s bound to increase its entropy and evolve toward equilibrium. That means die. A living organism needs energy and has to exchange heat with the surroundings to avoid increasing the entropy (the overall entropy of the world is still bound to increase). 3. Since we are alive and the Sun is shining, we are in an ordered, low entropy state, far from equilibrium. How did the things get ordered to begin with? The free energy. The 2nd law states that the entropy of an isolated system increases in a sponta...
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