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You can reduce the entropy of the desk of course yet

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Unformatted text preview: n their temperatures are equal. E.g., if one object has T=0 and the other has a very high temperature, this is a very unlikely state because all the energy is put into the second object (just like having no molecules in one half of a container). Some generalizations: 1. For a system that is not in equilibrium, the entropy can be thought of as a measure of order or randomness. A gas in one part of the vessel is more “ordered” than the same gas spread over the entire vessel. A stretched polymer chain is more ordered than one that is not stretched. If you keep your desk tidy (that is, every item is in a designated place, like the gas in a designated compartment of the vessel) then the entropy is low. If you deposit stuff randomly on your desk you make things more d...
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