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Unformatted text preview: 15-1815-30 (continued)(2) (continued)(e) Hire an additional teacher who is certified and expand the halfdayprogram. Keep the all-day program open.(f) Hire an additional teacher who is certified and raise tuition.Keep the all-day program open.(3) For the Sunnydays Nursery School, the volume of activity can bemeasured in terms of the number of children enrolled. A complicatingfactor is that some of the children attend for four hours each daywhile some attend for 8 hours each day. As a result, it is useful touse two separate volume measures, one being the number of half-daychildren and the other being the number of all-day children enrolled.The reason that volume of activity is important in this analysis isthat the two alternatives being considered have the potential forcausing the nursery school's volume to change by different amounts....
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