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Unformatted text preview: 15-1915-30 (continued)(4) Examples of other information that would be useful to have beforeadvising the director about which alternative she should choose includewhether there are half-day sessions in the morning and the afternoon,whether there is a waiting list for both morning and afternoonsessions, whether there is a waiting list for the all-day program, whatthe monthly tuition is for half-day and all-day children at othernursery schools, and whether the half-day program, alone, would keepthe existing teachers busy.15-31 If productive capacity were sufficient to produce as much of either orboth products as desired, the advertising decision would be made asdescribed below:Jigs BoppersContribution margin per unit $ 30 $ 45Additional sales from advertising x 200 units x 200 unitsAdditional total contribution margin $6,000 $9,000Boppers would be advertised because a higher total contribution margin...
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