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Unformatted text preview: ing subscripts required by Galilean velocity formula. We are given velocity of train with respect to ground and velocity of raindrop with respect to ground. 4.  vtg=  ­10 km/hr i and vrg=  ­20 km/hr j Given velocity vector of raindrop with respect to train vrt in both component form and (magnitude,direcOon) notaOon Galileo stated that vrg=vrt+vtg, and we want vrt. So vrt= vrg ­ vtg= ­20j  ­( ­10i) = 10i ­20j km/hr (component notaOon), and magnitude of vrt is (100+400)0.5 =(22.4 km/hr) and direcOon is tan ­1(20/10)=  ­63 deg with respect to x ­direcOon Quiz Week 6  ­Problem 2 ­Soln •  A jet is traveling due east, and it has an airspeed of 400 km/hr (=vjw). A strong wind is also blowing due east (so you have direcOon, but not magnitude of vwg. Suppose it takes 1 hr to travel between 2 ciOes when traveling east, but 3 hrs to travel between the same ciOes when traveling west against the same wind. What is the speed of the wind (with respect to ground)? 1.  Use •  •  2.  3.  1.  2.  3.  frame A = ground symbol= g frame B = wind symbol= w Object P = jet symbol= j Write given...
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