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Unformatted text preview: months –  Ian renovates at half the rate of Joe (A) Write out algebraic equaKons in terms of rI= renovaKon rate of Ian rA=renovaKon rate of Ann rJ=renovaKon rate of Joe (B)How long will it take (in months) if Joe works alone? SoluKon to (1) •  Speed*Kme=Distance •  Experience tells you that the distance traveled by the bike should add to the distance traveled by running. •  What is unknown and wanted? vb and vr •  So need two equaKons, two unknowns •  What is given? –  –  –  –  –  –  T1b=Kme spent biking on Monday=30 min= 1/2 hr T1r=Kme spent running on Monday= 30min=1/2 hr T2b=Kme spent biking on Tuesday = 45 min=3/4 hr T2r=Kmespent running on Tuesday=15min=1/4 hr D1= distance traveled on Monday = 12 miles D2=distance traveled on Tuesday=16 miles More on (1) •  Algebra equaKon in terms of symbols vb*T1b +...
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