The rst statue has 5 gold by mass and the second as

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Unformatted text preview: (2) Mass of a statue •  You have two small statues M1 and M2, each made with copper and gold. The first statue has 5% gold by mass and the second as 10% gold by mass. The first statue has twice the mass as the second. You melt both statues to extract the gold to make a ring of pure gold that is 10g. (A)Write out two equaKons involving M1 and M2 (B)What is the mass of the lighter statue in grams? (3)RenovaKon of SisKne Chapel •  RenovaKon of the SisKne Chapel in the VaKcan requires 3 spets: Ian, Joe and Ann –  If Ann works alone, it takes 8 months –  If all three work together, it takes 2...
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