Use the informakon given m12m2 eqn 1

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Unformatted text preview: vr*T1r=D1 {Monday’s acKviKes} vb*T2b + vr*T2r=D2 {Tuesday’s acKviKes} •  Now write with known informaKon vb*(1/2) + vr*(1/2)=12 (eqn 1) vb*(3/4) + vr*(1/4)=16 (eqn 2) •  Now solve •  vb= 20 mi/hr vr=4 mi/hr SoluKon to (2) This is a type of concentraKon problem, where Fg= fracKon of gold= (mass of gold)/(total mass) •  Unknowns, M1 = mass of first statue and M2 = mass of second statue. •  Use the informaKon given M1=2*M2, [eqn 1] and M2 is obviously the lighter statue Fg1*M1+Fg2*M2= (all the go...
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