Explainwhataboutxylemtransport xylemtransport

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Unformatted text preview: ot?   3  FALL2013 SI BIOL1104k Worksheet12♠ Devlin 8. Ifwaterentersananimalcellbyosmosis,willitexplode?Whyorwhynot?     9. Writeoutachartcomparingandcontrastingmonocotsanddicots.Pickaleaf(wherecanyou threedifferent angiospermsanddetermineifitisadicotoramonocot. Monocots Dicots                          Lecture8:PlantTransport 6. Defineosmosisanddiffusion.Giveanexampleofeach. Diffusion          Osmosis 4  FALL2013 SI BIOL1104k Worksheet12♠ Devlin 7. Drawadiagramoftwochambersfilledwithwaterwithdifferentamountsofsolutes(saltsor sugars)dissolvedoneachside.Thechambersareseparatedbyasemipermeablemembrane. Whichwaywill...
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