Miid Term FA 07 - PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy...

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PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy Written Midterm Due Tuesday October 16, 2007 Instructions: Everyone is to answer number one (1) below (50 points) and any two others (25 points each). You should present your answers in the form of a concise (to- the-point), coherent (well reasoned) and cogent (convincing) paragraph (150-200 words, typed, single-spaced, size 12 font). Please do your best formal writing as content and form will be considered in grading. Feel free to visit the Writing Center if necessary. ( Exams are due at the beginning of class 10/16/07 ). While I am not adverse to you discussing the test with classmates, the work that you pass in must be yours. Any appearance of collaboration will be seen a cheating and will result in failure of the class. Remember what you have learned in English courses about paragraphs. They are not simply a collection of unrelated sentences but structured writing: topic sentence, followed with the development and support of ideas, and conclusion. Any exam with two or more serious grammatical errors (comma splices, run-on
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Miid Term FA 07 - PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy...

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