marine science lab - Biogenous Sediment – Calcareous Ooze...

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Fill in the Table below, using the notes on Blackboard and your textbook for help. This counts as attendance for Jan 25, and will give you up to 2 pts of extra credit on the upcoming exam. Make sure you do your own work; if there are identical submissions you will receive a zero. NAME: Type of Sediment Source of Sediment Formation of Sediment Where and Why it Accumulates How Humans Use It Lithogenous Sediment Rivers, coastal erosion, Glaciers, turbidity currents, windblown dust, rivers and volcanic eruptions. Produces from preexisting rock material Margins of the continents. It accumulates from volcanic activity and breaks down. It is part of the ocean floor. Deposited in many environments such as beache, bays, lagoons or rivers.
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Unformatted text preview: Biogenous Sediment – Calcareous Ooze Coccolithophores and foraminifers macroscopic shell producing organisms and coral reefs Produces from shells, bones and teeth. Low latitude regions, sea floor above CCD, mid ocean ridges, tops of volcanic peaks and low latitude regions. Chalk Biogenous Sediment – Siliceous Ooze Diatoms and radiolarians Produces from shells Sea floor beneth cool surface water in high latitudes. Chalk Hydrogenous Sediment Precipitation of dissolved materials directly from seawater due to chemical reactions. Dissolved material in water Sea floor beneth warm surface water in low latitudes. Common table salt. Cosmogenous Sediment Space dust and meteors....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course MSCI 101 taught by Professor Wolfe during the Spring '08 term at Coastal Carolina University.

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marine science lab - Biogenous Sediment – Calcareous Ooze...

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