IBUS Notes – Chapter 1

Gatt transformed into world trade organization a

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Unformatted text preview: ons & progress - Phases of Globalization o 4 distinct phases 1) 1830 – late 1800s INTRODUCTION OF RAILROADS & OCEAN TRANSPORT 2) 1900 – 1930 RISE OF ELECTRICITY & STEEL PRODUCTION 3) 1948 – 1970s FORMATION OF GATT; CONCLUSION OF WWII; MARSHALL PLAN TO RECONSTRUCT EUROPE a. GATT transformed into… World Trade Organization : a multilateral governing body that grew to include 149 member nations; regulate & ensure fairness & efficiency 4) 1980s to present PRIVATIZATION OF STATE ENTERPRISES IN TRANSITION ECONOMIES; REVOLUTION I INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION, & TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGIES; REMARKABLE GROWTH OF EMERGING MARKETS a. began with cross- border trade & investment which was triggered by the development of personal computers etc. b. globalization is gradually shrinking the world into a manageable marketplace -...
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