1200 Political Philosophy Notes


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Unformatted text preview: n you have a group of people and you want to set up a authority group then how would that happen. Rational egoism doesnt want you to be in the state of nature. When u do that then you are accepting to be treated in the state of nature and everyone is allow to do that too. Therefore we must be harsh and set out some urle so human doesnt go back to the state of nature. The authority is there to protect us from each other. It keep us away from the state of nature because we do not want to be in that state Hobbes: If you are directed by yourself interest and wanted to get out of the state of nature. Locke focus on the natural right, it is something that's part of us. As human I have this right. In some sense we are all equal Allow people to have as much liberty as possible Pursuing our own good in our own way....
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