Nutrition for Exercise and Sports

220 g per kg bodyweight strength athletes 1617 g per

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Unformatted text preview: intensity/skill ­based exercise: 3 ­5 g per kg of bodyweight Moderate to high intensity endurance or “stop & go” exercise (1 ­3 hr): 6 ­10 g per kg of bodyweight Moderate intensity exercise <1 hr: 5 ­7 g per kg of bodyweight Carbohydrates for Intensity maintained for High intensity or endurance exercise >4 hr: 10 ­12 g per kg of bodyweight Dura<on In general, carbs should provide ~60% of calories for athletes. Low ­carb diets are NOT appropriate for athletes! Protein recommendations Ac;ve adults: 0.8 ­1.0 g per kg bodyweight Endurance athletes: 1.2 ­1.4 g per kg bodyweight Ultraendurance athletes: 1.2 ­2.0 g per kg bodyweight Strength athletes: 1.6 ­1.7 g per kg bodyweight  Muscles are beper at using protein when it is spread throughout the day (~20...
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