Nutrition for Exercise and Sports

Carbohydrates higher intensity muscles working faster

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Unformatted text preview: lycolysis, continued When is it used? •  High ­intensity exercise 30 sec ­2 min Limited by: •  Lac;c acid buildup = “feeling the burn” •  ATP made quickly but in small amounts Aerobic pathways Breakdown of glucose, fat, or protein* when O2 is plen;ful •  Fuel depends on intensity •  Produces more ATP but takes longer Intensity dictates fuel 1. Carbohydrates •  Higher intensity = muscles working faster •  CHO can be broken down the fastest •  Stored in muscle or liver: func;ons? •  Consume 30 ­60 g CHO per hour for ac;vi;es >1 hour Intensity dictates fuel 2. Fat •  Abundant storage = lots of poten;al energy •  Takes the longest to break down: ↓ intensity •  Prolonged exercise relies on fat...
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