Nutrition for Exercise and Sports

Food fuel to run faster jump higher be stronger

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Unformatted text preview: AND carbohydrate! •  Example: 3 hour marathon = 50% CHO and 50% fat Intensity dictates fuel 3. Protein •  NOT a preferred fuel source for exercise!!! •  10 ­15% of energy in endurance/ultraendurance events •  More important for recovery and repair How is nutrition different for athletes? “It is the posi;on of the American Diete;c Associa;on, Die;;ans of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine that physical ac;vity, athle;c performance, and recovery from exercise are enhanced by op;mal nutri;on.” Food = fuel to run faster, jump higher, be stronger! Calorie needs Depend on a variety of factors: •  Body size, body composi;on, sport/posi;on (intensity) Carbohydrate recommendations Low...
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