Nutrition for Exercise and Sports

In the rst few seconds of any type of exercise in

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Unformatted text preview: r Anaerobic Aerobic ATP-PCr •  Phosphocrea<ne (PCr): a high ­energy compound stored in muscle that can generate ATP very quickly ATP-PCr, continued When is it used? •  In the first few seconds of any type of exercise •  In short, intense ac;vi;es las;ng 3 ­15 seconds Limited by the amount of PCr stored in the muscle A word on creatine supplements… Probably safe, but: •  Effec;veness = ? •  Individuals respond differently •  Expensive Supplements are not regulated and can contain harmful or banned substances! Carbohydrates Carbohydrates  Glucose •  The next source of fuel for exercise •  Important for high ­intensity ac;vity •  Pathway depends on how much oxygen is available… Anaerobic glycolysis Glucose breakdown with low O2 •  Glucose  Lac;c Acid Anaerobic g...
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