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Victoria Denaro American Transitions L173 Historical Understanding I September 29, 2006 In the Gilded Age advertisements became a part of life for middle class Americans. As the middle class grew substantially and included the business class, some farmers and the working class, America was going through an industrial revolution and transportation of goods got easier, so there was more opportunities to sell goods to consumers. Advertisements at this time were directed towards middle class men and women that were educated and had jobs. People who lived in the Gilded Age were looking to improve themselves, with nice houses and other products. The things that were advertised during this time period were all luxury items and things that the normal person didn’t need, they were not essential and people could easily get by without having the items. Advertisements can be used to examine cultural values and in Wheeler and Becker, Chapter 3, we look at advertisements from 1870 into 1917, we can see the
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historical understanding1 - Victoria Denaro American...

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