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First we take the rgb 3 dimensional matrix

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Unformatted text preview: ity. The convolution has added pixel that can be disturbing but the main on is that there was very sharp transition between pixels at the edges of the table. ­Red ball and green block: convolution As we mentioned previously, we used the same approach for the red ball and the green blocks detection, but varying the filter size only. First we take the RGB 3 dimensional matrix of the raw image and extract the green and the blue dimension out of it. Using a 3 by 3 matrix of ones as a filter, we convoluted the red component matrix in order to highlight the pixels which were representing the red ball. Because we wanted this matrix to be shown as an image while we were debugging, we then normalized the values so that the maximum pixel value would be 255. Finally, using the Matlab function "find", we get the pixel number that has the first occurrence of pixel value equals to 255, shift this value into half of the filter size and use that pixel position as the position of the red ball detected. Just before moving on to the n...
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