For this phase we also convolute the image but this

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Unformatted text preview: ed edge filters to detect the letter "T" by convoluting the image; ● Find red ball (robot). For this phase we also convolute the image, but this time using a specific filter for the a red blob on the red component matrix of the original image; ● Find green blocks. Here, we used the same approach used to find the red ball but with a bigger filter size to do the convolution; ● Find a path. In this phase, we used the data collected by the camera and processed by the previous phases as an input for the A Star planner algorithm in order to find the best path; ● Guide the robot to the target. In this last phase is where we used the A Star algorithm output to translate it to commands for the robot. Mapping: Our objective in this part was to have a digital representation of the table as a grid. A camera, positioned roughly 2 meters above one end of the table, facing diagonally down, was used to read the environment. As problems arose from this approach, which made the opposite end of the tabl...
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