Then after convolute the matrix with our filter we

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Unformatted text preview: ext phase, we converted the pixel value of the red ball to square coordinates on the table. For the green block detection what differs from the red ball detection is that we used a bigger filter. We used a 5 by 5 matrix of ones as our green block detector filter. Instead of using the red dimension of the RGB 3 dimensional matrix of the raw image, we used the green dimension, of course. Then, after convolute the matrix with our filter, we used, again the Matlab find function, but this time to find all the pixels that had value higher than the mean of the values of the convoluted matrix. We added 10 to the mean before compare to the pixels values in order to raise the threshold making that only greener things of the image are considered. Analogously with the red ball detection approach, we finally get all the pixel's coordinates found and convert them into square coordinates. ­For the path finding: A* as it was provided on the professor’s website removing the borders to avoid the robot from falling over the table. In order to ensure better navigation and path planning for the robot, we employed A* algor...
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