Milestone -4 Ubicomp Report

Milestone-4 Ubicomp Report

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Unformatted text preview: ations Description on the application scenario: The mobile user interface which is available on the user's’ smartphone allow access to upload, comment and share the picture to the large screen display systems. The large screen displays are located in shopping centres, educational institutions and places where there is potential to receive more people. The users can take pictures using the smartphone’s camera and may retouch or edit the pictures and can upload to the desired, mostly the nearest available large screen display. The user can then comment on their pictures and add description to their images. A new user must use a QR code reader/scanner app to login into the large screen display and then access the QR codes embedded on the information windows, which are the pictures uploaded by existing users. By doing so, you can comment on the pictures. All comments are anonymous to support and enhance privacy. Mobile Interface: The mobile interface UI has two main parts:...
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