Milestone -4 Ubicomp Report

Users can choosea name and add a description for each

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Unformatted text preview: adding/uploading photo, searching photo and writing comments on the uploaded pictures. Adding Pictures The user can take an image with his/her phone or choose an existing photo from their smartphone (from photo gallery) and post it to the large display. Users can choose a name and add a description for each image and post it on the large screen display, figure 2 shows a sample screenshot for uploading the image. We are using the geographic coordinates which the phone provides to show the exact location of where the image was taken on the map (on large display). Figure 2: Adding Photo We are using mongoDB as our main Database. Each image will be saved in the database with its comments, coordinates and name. In addition we are making use of the ubiquitous computing middleware, thing broker to send a Json object to the large Display. This object contains the link of image in the database, name of image, image description and the geographic coordinates. The link of each image will be displayed as a QR code on the map. Searching Pictures I...
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