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Milestone -4 Ubicomp Report

We decided to usetheapplicationforhalifaxthereforewe

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Unformatted text preview: omize their own map. We decided to use the application for Halifax, therefore we set the center of the map to the Halifax, we choose a zoom level of 12 percent to have Halifax in the large Display with enough details (more zoom level may cause some part of the city being missed and less zoom level may show the city with only main streets). The Google API lets users to put markers on the map and define an information window for each marker. These information windows are actually HTML pages, it means we can have text, images, tables in the info windows. When a user submits the image, on the large screen, we receive a JSON object; this object contains the following components namely (a). Coordinates of the image on the map namely the latitude and longitude (b). Name of the image, comments and description (c). The link of the image to the Database. (d). QR code for logging into the large screen, (e). QR code for accessing the image to comment on it. In the initial process, we use the coordinates to deploy the marker on the map,...
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