Milestone -4 Ubicomp Report

We only show 10 latest image posts on the map to

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Unformatted text preview: and then we add the image, followed by comments and access to QR codes to the information window. We only show 10 latest image posts on the map to avoid crowding and cluttering on the map. In addition, we did not present comments on the map to keep the map visually appealing. We believe showing comments on each image on the large display, ends to having a noisy and ugly display so we just show the image, its description, image name and the QR code. If someone needs to put comments on an image, he/she can search for that image on their smartphone to view the images and existing comments and may add their comments here. We used Thing broker , javascript and HTML for this part of the project.To create the QR code, we used the Google QR API, to have the QR code, it is enough to use the link as the chl input. <img src="" alt="qr code"/> ● 'cht' specifies the type of chart ● 'chs' specifies the charge height and width (height)x(width) ● 'chl' specifies the data to be encoded on the chart (the url we want to link to) [retrieved from Google API] Figure 1: Screenshot from the Large Display showing three Information windows from different loc...
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