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Python Guide V1.2.11

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Unformatted text preview: //sample.org/file.txt"6 flink!=!urllib.urlopen(url)! #!continue!as!when!reading!file Numpy arrays import!numpy!as!np! A collection of same-type objects, with functions: • np.arange(a,b,c)!!#!like!range! • np.linspace(0.1,0.8,n)!#!n!floats! • np.zeros(n)!#!n!zero!floats! • np.array(x)!#!convert!list!or!tuple!x! • np.random.random(n)!#!n!values!in![0,1)! • np.random.randint(a,b,n)!#!int!in![a,b)! • np.random.seed(s)!#!reset!seed!to!s! • np.random.shuffle(x)!#!shuffle!x! Math operations with arrays: • +6–6*6/6//6%6** between two arrays or an array and...
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