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Charscharslistabc if6r6else blocks ifcondition

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Unformatted text preview: he value used in calling myFunc! —indented lines are executed on call —return!y returns the value y as the results of the call! • def!vectorLength(x,y):! !!!!return!m.sqrt(x!*!x!+!y!*6y)! • vectorLength(3,4)! !5.0! • def!first3Powers(n):!#6multiple6returns! !!!!return!(n,!n!*!n,!n!*!n!*!n)! • x1,!x2,!x3!=!first3Powers(6.2)! Local and global variables • a variable defined in the Python shell is global • you can access it and use its value in a function • a variable assigned a value in a function definition is local; it exists only during function execution • declare a variable global inside a function and then you can assign to the global variable of that name: global!CHARS;!CHARS!=!list("abc") if6R6else blocks! • if!condition :!!!!#!if!statement! !!!!indented lines! • elif!condition :!!#!elif!optional,!repeated! !!!!indented lines! • else6:!!!!!!!!!!#!else!optional! !!!!indented lines! • Python executes the first section that has a True6 condition, or else the else statement if present Strings: convert t...
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