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Age5 what you can do with a tuple you cannot

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Unformatted text preview: .0!#!nearest!integer round(3.276,2)! !3.28!#!2!decimals sum(!(1,!5.5,!28)!)! !21.5!#!add!items zip(listx,!listy)! !list of (x,y) tuples ! ! ! Lists and tuples • Both are sequences of arbitrary objects with index positions starting at 0, going up by 1 • A tuple has optional round brackets • xt!=!1,!!!#!a!single!member!tuple! • xt!=!(1,!8.9,!"TV")! • A list has square brackets (required) • xl!=![1,!8.9,!"TV"] • list("too")! !['t','o','o'] • tuple(["age",5])! !('age',5) What you can do with a tuple • • • • • • • • • • You cannot change length or contents (immutable) len(xt) 3 8.9!in!xt! !True xt.count(8.9) 1!#!how!many!8.9!entries xt.index("TV")! !2!#!first!TV!in!position!2 xt[2]! !'TV'!!!!#!in!position!2 xt[21]! !'TV'!!!#!in!last!position xt[0:2]! !(1,!8.9)!!!!#!extract!slice xt[1:]! !(8.9,!'TV')!!#!open2ended!slice xt[0:!:2]! !(1,!'TV')!#!slice!by!twos! What you can do with a list almost anything you can do with a tuple, plus… xl.append(5.7)!!!#!adds!5.7!to!end! xl.insert(3,...
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