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Python Guide V1.2.11

Iteminlistortupleorstring itemtakes on the value of

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Unformatted text preview: "x")!#!put!"x"!before!xl[3]! xl.pop(1)! !8.9!#!remove!2nd!entry! !xl!is now![1,!'TV',!'x',!5.7]! • xl.reverse()!#!reverses!order! • xl.sort()!!!!#!in!increasing!order! !xl!is now![1,!5.7,!'TV',!'x']! • xl[1]!+=!2.2!!!#!updates!entry!value! • xl[:2]!=![2,3]!#!assign!to!slice! • xl[:]! ![2,!3,!'TV',!'x']!#!a!copy! • range(5)! ![0,!1,!2,!3,!4]! • range(2,5)! ![2,!3,!4]! • range(2,15,3)! ![2,!5,!8,!11,!14]! Third element of a slice is a step size: • range(50)[::9]! ![0,!9,!18,!27,!36,!45]! • • • • for control structure • for statement followed by indented lines • for!item!in!listOrTupleOrString!:! —item!takes on the value of each entry in turn —indented lines are repeated for each item • total!=!0.0! for!number!in!range(1,101):! !!!!total!+=!1.0!/!number! • Parallel lists list1 and list2: for6e1,!e2!in!zip(list1,!list2):! !!!!print!e1,!e2! • If you need both position and value of list entry: for!pos,!value!in6enumerate(list1):! !!!!print!"Entry6at6%d6is6%g"!%!(pos,value)! ! ! List comprehension (embedded for) • To generate one list from items in another • list2!=![f(n)!for!n!in!list1]! • squares!=![n!*6n!for!n!in!range(90)]! Defining functions • def statement followed by indented lines • def!myFunc(parm1,!parm2,!…)!:! —creates a function!myFunc!with parameters —parmj!is given t...
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