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Value intvalintvarintegercastor

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Unformatted text preview: ol structure • while statement followed by indented lines • while!condition : —loops while condition is True (i.e., not 0) —indented lines are repeated each iteration —to terminate, make condition 0/False/empty • leftToDo,!total6=!100,!0.0! while!leftToDo!:!!#!i.e.,!while!leftToDo!>!0:! !!!!total!!!!+=!1.0!/!count! !!!!leftToDo!R=!1! Input from user • • • • var6=!raw_input("Enter!value:!")! intVal!=!int(var)!#!integer!cast,!or! anyVal!=!eval(var)!#!could!be!dangerous,!or! assert!'@'!in!var,!"%s6not6eRmail6address"!%!var! Operating system functions: ! import!os,!sys!#!operating!system,!system! os.chdir(sys.path[0])6#!change!to!script!file!folder! print!os.listdir('.')!#!file!list!of!current!folder! ©"Terry"Andres"2011,"2012,"2013" abs(x) |x| chr(35)! !'#' dir(x)! !attributes of!x help(x)! !help on using!x len(x)! !length of!x max(2.1,!4,!3)! !4!!!!#!largest!argument min(2.1,!4,!3)! !2.1!!#!smallest!argument ord('#')! !35!!#!ASCII!order range(a,b,c)!see lists round(3.6)! !4...
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