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CM chapter 1 - CM 331 Chapter 1 1 Common law is that body...

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CM 331 Chapter 1 1. Common law is that body of past court decisions that serves as authority or precedent governing future decisions. 2. 7 main groups of parties: 1. Construction Contractors and Subcontractors 2. Architects/Engineers- Designers and administrators 3. Construction Owners- Private owners and public owners 4. Service and Supply Organizations- Companies that supply the material 5. Labor Force- Laborers that does the actual construction 6. Local, State, and Federal Governments 7. The General Public – people who are impacted but have are not involved in the construction. 3. Major Statutes: 1. National Labor Relations Act (the Wagner Act) 2. Davis-Bacon Act 3. State Mechanic's Lien Laws, the federal Miller Act, and the various state “little” Miller Acts. 4. State Contractor License Law 5. State Subcontractor Listing Laws 6. Equal Employment Opportunity Laws, Disadvantaged Business, and Women-Owned Business Participation Laws, and Other Forms of “Set-Aside” Laws 7. Uniform Commercial Code 4. Tort is a civil wrong. Tort Law is a part of the common law. It's concept is that we cannot
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