Handicapped parking hotel room etc she needs or she

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Unformatted text preview: room, etc. Handicapped parking, hotel room, etc. She needs . . . or she uses . . . She has a problem with . . . She has special needs. Keep thinking—there are many other descriptors we need to change! ©2007 Kathie Snow, all rights reserved. Excerpted from Kathie’s People First Language article, available at www.disabilityisnatural.com. You may copy and share this with others as a handout, in its entirety, Protected by Copyscape: request permission ([email protected]) before republishing in any newsletter, website, list serve, etc. VISIT WWW.DISABILITYISNATURAL.COM FOR OTHER NEW WAYS OF THINKING!...
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  • Fall '14
  • Developmental disability, People First Language, special ed services, to/is wheelchair bound, mental health condition/diagnosis

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