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Unformatted text preview: y the random algorithm, but not by the deterministic algorithm, unless the initial shape is a point. Figure 2.38: Two real snowflakes Take the origin to be the center of the snowflake, and consider the left image of Fig. 2.39. From our experience with the fern, we might think we need seven rules: one for the center and one for the end of each of the six arms. Simpler would be one rule for the center, one for an arm, and then rotation by 60◦ to build the other five arms. However, rotation is not a contraction and so our proof of the convergence of the determinisitc algorithm no longer is valid. Worse still, if one of the transformations is a rigid rotation, the deterministic algorithm will not converge. The initial shape will appear in its original size with each iteration. If the initial shape is a filled-in circle, then every generation will contain a circle, rotated π/3 from the position of the circle in the previous 73 2.6. IFS FORGERIES OF NATURAL FRACTALS generation. See the...
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