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Unformatted text preview: circuitry. The two main supplies can be operated independently or in one of two tracking modes. In the series tracking mode, the “A” and “B” supplies are connected in series, allowing a single output of 0–60 V at up to 2 amps. In the parallel tracking mode, the two supplies are connected together in parallel, allowing a single 0–30 V output at up to 4 amps. Connection is made using either a banana plug inserted into the appropriate ‘+’ or ’−’ terminal or by connecting a short wire from the terminal to the breadboard. The central green terminal (GND) will normally not be used. Breadboards The name “breadboard ” comes from the days when electrical components were attached by screws to large wooden boards. Modern breadboards are small plastic rectangles with 1 Figure 1: Low voltage power supply used in the laboratory holes for connecting wires. They come in different sizes; the most common size used in this laboratory has two rows each of 50 holes along the top and bottom, and 64 colum...
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