Thus red green white black brown is 259 1 4 if the

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Unformatted text preview: can ignore it and simply read the resistance in Ohms. If the multiplier band is different than Black, multiply the reading by the appropriate value. 3. The 5th coloured band corresponds to the tolerance. Brown corresponds to ±1%. Thus red, green, white, black, brown is 259 Ω ± 1% 4. If the resistor has one more band past the tolerance band it is a quality band, specified as the “% Failure rate per 1000 hour”. Alligator Clips An alligator clip (or crocodile clip) is a spring-loaded clip with serrated jaws, often used to make temporary electrical connections. One of the jaws may have a wire attached or a 4 mm banana plug inserted into it. Alligator clips are useful for connecting components in a circuit to a multimeter for a quick measurement of resistance, voltage or current. However, they should not normally be used in a circuit where you will be taking repeated measurements 8 Cat. No. l BU-30TBO Description Plated Steel Net Price $.56 NO. 60 ALLIGATOR CLIP Standard alligator clip in plated steel or sol...
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