Plug has small lip for soldering or wire may be

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Unformatted text preview: id copper. Outstanding for a wide in an experimental setup. In this case you will need to use proper connecting wires to make range of test work. Convenient knurled thumb grip, barrel connection for banana the necessary electrical contacts. plug. Has small lip for soldering, or wire may be staked in barrel. Strong hinge prevents jaw offset. Standard barrel diameter .161 ˝ I.D., 5⁄16˝ jaw opening. Length 1-31⁄32˝ . Cat. No. l BU-60 l BU-60C Description Plated Steel Solid Copper Net Price $.31 .61 NO. 60-S SCREW CONNECTION The most popular configuration. A 6-40 set screw eliminates soldering or crimping. Same as No. 60 except for screw. 5⁄16˝ jaw opening. Length 131⁄32˝ . Cat. No. l BU-60S l BU-60CS Description Plated Steel Solid Copper Net Price $.43 .67 9 NO. 60PR-2 SPECIAL BARREL FOR TEST PROD OR Procedure You will need to think about the best way of presenting your data in your lab notebook. Ideally, somebody should be able to take your lab notebook and duplicate your results using your book only as a guide. Be careful to wri...
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