Are they reasonable if not repeat the experiment or

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Unformatted text preview: ey reasonable? If not, repeat the experiment or consult an instructor. When you are happy with your data, save it! First switch to LoggerPro, then click File and Save As. Change the name of the graph to graph1.xmbl. Click and select Click Save. CHECKPOINT: Have an instructor check your graph and initial your lab report. QUESTION 1: Did the shape of your position vs time graph on LoggerPro match your predicted graph from Prelab Question 1? Explain any differences. Physics 1020 Experiment 3 Part IV: Data Analysis QUESTION 2: QUESTION 3: Make a careful sketch of the three graphs. For all three graphs, label the point that shows where the ball hits the floor for the first time. You may display coordinates in a box on the graph, by clicking on the graph to activate it, then click Analyze then Examine. QUESTION 4: On the sketch of your position vs time graph and your velocity vs time graph, circle one region where the ball is in free fall and moving down. Label this “A”. Also identify one region where the object is in free fall and moving up. Labe...
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