Is this result expected physics 1020 experiment 3

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Unformatted text preview: related? Is this result expected? Physics 1020 Experiment 3 Part IV: Data Analysis The vertical displacement of a object in free fall is given by y = y0 + v0y t - 1/2 g t2 This may be rearranged: y = -1/2 g t2 + v0y t + y0 where y0 is the initial vertical displacement, voy the initial vertical velocity, g is the acceleration due to gravity. You are going to fit your data points to a smooth quadratic curve of the form y = at2 + bt + c The above equations will serve as a guide in analyzing your results. Physics 1020 Experiment 3 Part IV: Data Analysis You will now fit your Position versus Time data to the quadratic function shown on the previous page. Determine the value you expect for the constant a: QUESTION 9: To what physical parameter does a correspond? (This is a the quadratic fit parameter). Explain or show your workings. What value do you expect for parameter a (including units)? Record this value in Table 1. If you are having trouble, refer to the second page of your Activity Log...
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