Physics 1020 experiment 3 part iv data analysis click

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Unformatted text preview: . Physics 1020 Experiment 3 Part IV: Data Analysis Click on your distance vs time graph to activate it. Highlight the region between t1 and t2. Select Analyze then Curve Fit. Under Options: Fit Type select “Automatic” Select Quadratic from the General Equation list and click Try Fit. If the fit is satisfactory, click on OK. Enter the value of the Automatic best fit parameter a in Table 1 of your Activity Log. Edit the title of your graph window to “Distance vs. Time” QUESTION 10: How does your expected value of a match the displayed value of the automatic curve fit? Comment on any differences. QUESTION 11: From your automatic curve fit, what is the value of g and its uncertainty? Physics 1020 Experiment 3 Part IV: Data Analysis Click on your velocity vs time graph to active it. Highlight the linear portion of the velocity between times t1 and t2. Fit a linear function to the velocity versus time data by clicking Analyze then Linear Fit. Edit the title to “Velocity vs.Time” Double-click on the results window and check the box marked “Standard Dev...
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