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Unformatted text preview: to Question 6 and 7 consistent with your answer to Question 3? Explain. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Part IV: Impulse - Momentum not Conserved A single cart system. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse The System You will be using the same data from the experiment you have already carried out except you will consider a different system. This time you will use one cart, Cart 1, as your system as illustrated in the diagram. system=cart 1 v1i v2i 0 m1 m2 initial position system=cart 1 vf m1 m2 final position QUESTION 9: Will there be an external force on this system (as illustrated in the diagram) at any point between the initial position (the cart has already been set in motion) and the final position? If so, where will it come from? (Assume friction is negligible.) Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Considering Impulse QUESTION 10: Using the momentum of this system (Cart 1) before and after the collision, is momentum conserved for this system within experimental uncertainty? QUESTION 11: Calculate the impulse of this system. (Calculate the experimental uncertainty and write the impulse in the form J J.) Is it equal to zero within experimental uncertainty? QUESTION 12: Assuming the collision happens over a time interval roughly equal to 0.1s, calculate the average force applied during the collision. (The experimental uncertainty is not required here.) QUESTION 13: Are the answers to Question 10 and Question 11 consistent with the answer from Question 9? Briefly explain. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Part V: Summary and Conclusion Concepts of impulse and momentum collide. Physics 1020 Laboratory #5 Momentum and Impulse Summary QUESTION 14: Give at least one source of random uncertainty. QUESTION 15: Give at least one source of systematic uncertainty. QUESTION 16: Briefly summarize the connection you observed in this experiment between external force and impulse and between external force and conservation of momentum? Close all applications and log out. Put away all lab equipment and return your chairs/lab stools. Submit your laboratory workbook with the graph attached....
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